Why I do this work

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What started you down this path?

Energy healing has been a part of my life since 2007. I was drawn to it because I intuitively knew there was “something more” to this life, more than just my physical self. The story of “you’re born, you get the hand you’re dealt, you probably get sick, then you die” never quite cut it for me.

I had been introduced to the Abraham-Hicks material as well as the Jane Roberts-Seth material. It got me started down the road to getting many of my questions answered about how the universe works. The concept “you create your own reality” was something that I resonated with immediately. It felt like a much more empowering place from which to live my life.

I was also looking for something beyond psychotherapy to help me with some personal work. Don’t get me wrong – that had been enormously helpful to me. Did it for years. Took anti-depressants. Worked through my stuff and tried to get happy. And it worked. It really did help. Until it didn’t anymore. The larger patterns I saw myself repeating over and over again just weren’t shifting. Chronic physical issues weren’t resolving. Things seemed to be compounding. I was still looking for root cause.

I began to read about energy healing, quantum physics, vibrational medicine, epigenetics, sacred geometry, crystals, chakra systems – I couldn’t get enough!

I also couldn’t quite assimilate it all. There was so much New Age, airy-fairy woo woo to weed through and it repelled me. Enter my current teacher, Jill Leigh of the Energy Healing Institute. She started to teach me about energy healing from a very grounded perspective. No New Age woo woo with her! I liked that a lot.

​Energy healing instead of therapy, or as a compliment to therapy?

She also worked with me through some messy life challenges and I came out the other side feeling like a different person. I got to know myself more clearly. I started making decisions that resonated with who I am as opposed to choosing what someone else wanted me to do.

I knew I would not go back to the “old Ellen”. There were also times when Jill suggested I go back and work with a therapist for a while on certain aspects of “my story”. Mostly it had to do with me not being able to recognize that certain emotions or issues were going on for me. No amount of energy healing is a substitute for awareness of what is present “in the room”. Together though, therapy can help bring things to conscious awareness and energy healing can shift stuck energies that prevent you from moving forward.​

Dialoguing with a client’s body to discern underlying pathogens or what the body is ready to release is both an art and a science.

Why did you decide to do this work?

I have always enjoyed helping people, and they have often responded to my ability to listen well and be present with them. The downside is that I tended to take on other people’s problems as my own to solve. I had considered becoming a counselor a number of times but was never fully committed. As Jill began to describe her Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program, I realized I was more interested in working on an energetic level. I discovered I could help others in a profound way and became passionate about the modality. Her program also addressed my concerns about being a “caretaker” head on, and I learned about appropriate energetic boundaries and hygiene.

I worked really, really hard during the year that I studied with her! I learned to use the clearing skills on myself first, then with others. I learned to use my senses in a different way. I now feel like I have a huge arsenal of tools and practices to manage myself and my life in an entirely different way. I’m inside my life much more deeply. And, now I can be present with others without taking responsibility for them. It’s a beautiful thing! My studies continue, and I’m sure always will to one extent or another. I’m fascinated by this work!

I was also attracted to partnering energy healing with the ​Lyme Magnetic Protocol. Working with magnets is fun, gentle, and can be a viable compliment or alternative to traditional medical treatment. It’s a thorough and effective modality which, like energy healing, helps bring the body back into balance, but from a chronic illness perspective. It’s investigative and allows me to be my curious self because every person is unique. Dialoguing with a client’s body to discern underlying pathogens or what the body is ready to release is both an art and a science.

The body’s wisdom is deep and I am awestruck by and respectful of the process.


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