Restorative Coaching

Serving the greater Boston, MA area

When we become ill, the immune and detoxification systems in our bodies work hard to target and eliminate the cause. If our overall level of health and vitality is strong, the illness resolves and our homeostasis returns.

An illness becomes chronic when the body is not able to galvanize, clear and restore wellness. Your symptom palette not only stems from pathogens but also various toxicities, excess inflammation, and numerous nutritional and mineral deficiencies. In fact, symptoms from the latter often mirror those of an infection - fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, brain fog, and digestive issues. Healing and resolution comes from assessing and addressing your whole being.

“It’s so critically important…to work as hard on getting the toxins out of the body as working on getting the microbes out of the body.”

— Dr. Lee Cowden

Restorative coaching includes cleansing and replenishment strategies such as:

  • attaining proper hydration
  • increasing alkalinity
  • clearing and strengthening the gut
  • eliminating toxins
  • regulating sleep
  • improving and clearing energy
  • reducing stress
  • calming inflammation

If you want to cleanse and replenish, contact me to book an appointment.


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