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Starleaf Wellness Privacy Policy

Ellen Donaldson appreciates the interest in the content offered on this website and through correspondence by providing their email address. There will never be a time where the email addresses entrusted to Ellen Donaldson will be shared with others.

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Disclaimer & Terms of Use

Ellen Donaldson does not offer diagnoses of any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual condition.

Magnetic therapy and energy healing sessions are not a substitute for appropriate and considered medical or clinical/therapeutic care, though they often used as an adjunctive resource to allopathic treatment plans.

It is not unusual for an exacerbation of symptoms or even a new set of symptoms emerging to occur as shifts take place in the body and energies that have unblocked, released or opened integrate. The client must make informed choices about follow-up care and seek appropriate medical or therapeutic attention if symptoms persist or generate increasing levels of discomfort.

Changelog: Privacy policy created on 18/07/2015. No changes have been made since this date.