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Magnetic Protocol

What is the Lyme Magnetic Protocol?

The Lyme Magnetic Protocol, taught by Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness, uses pairs of magnets (positive and negative) to eliminate pathogens that cause the symptoms of Lyme disease. The magnets are placed on specific anatomical points on the body, pathogens become visible to and are targeted by the immune system and then released through the body’s organic ability to detoxify. Determining what pairs are needed in a session is done holistically by engaging with the body's wisdom, a process called Kinesiology, or muscle testing.  Questions are asked to determine which bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites may be present. The results of the muscle testing define the highest priority for treatment in each session, and which magnet pairs are used to encourage the body to eliminate the pathogens.

Can the Magnetic Protocol be used on other illnesses?

In short, yes. I believe Lyme Disease and other illnesses caused by chronic immune dysfunction are various points along the same spectrum, often overlapping and sharing symptoms. The protocol contains hundreds of magnet pairs that address many other symptom categories - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Candida overgrowth, to name a few.

My clients who are drawn to this holistic modality intuitively know the body is a marvelous, self-healing mechanism that always seeks to return to balance.

​What can I expect from a magnetic protocol session?

The initial session will include a comprehensive intake, and includes a magnet treatment as well. Plan for 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour long. During the magnet treatment most clients become relaxed and drowsy, an ideal climate for healing and releasing through the magnets and energy work.

The number and frequency of sessions required varies from person to person. The body and its current healing capacity determine the speed at which the work progresses and the frequency of sessions.  Suggestions are also offered for supporting the healing process back at home, including nutrition, rest and perhaps some energy-clearing practices for self-care and healing.

If you are ready to begin the Magnetic Protocol, contact me to request an appointment!