Energy Healing

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Why would I consider energy healing?

The Advanced Energy Healing Protocols, taught by Jill Leigh of the Energy Healing Institute, are a powerful complement to the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, or, as a stand-alone modality.​ Often there is an emotional component to chronic illness, so I integrate the two modalities in my practice. Long-term emotional patterns or trauma can result in physical illness, and vice versa. They frequently go hand-in-hand. Whatever the case, if addressed together, a lasting return to wellness is more likely.

Why have an energy healing session? Everything is energy. More specifically, energy precedes physicality. Therefore, what is present in the energy body often impacts the way in which you live your life – your behaviors, patterns, and choices are all influenced by the presence of certain kinds of energy in your chakras and aura.

This subtle yet comprehensive healing modality works in multiple planes of conscious awareness.

How do you do the work?

This subtle yet comprehensive healing modality works in multiple planes of conscious awareness. I facilitate the evolution of your energy through a variety of skills and energy hygiene protocols, grounded in an understanding of the multiple energy bodies that make up your whole being. I work in both the chakras and auras of the astral (emotional) and etheric (physical) bodies to:

  • clear emotional energy that is stagnant in and therefore clogging up your field
  • release connection to old energies from other times and places
  • infuse with clean, clear frequencies that support a return to balance
  • evolve patterns and behaviors that are rooted in past experience

I do this by:

  • clairvoyantly viewing the Astral (emotional) and Etheric (physical) energy bodies
  • perceiving what is ready to be cleared
  • dialoging the energy itself for a deeper understanding of what is present
  • using my hands both on and off the body to clear, release, infuse and evolve

​How will I feel after?

Clients often describe feeling lighter, more expansive and relaxed. Space is created for you to be more you; a calmer, clearer, more grounded individual who sits comfortably in your own skin.

What does a session actually look like?

If you’re receiving the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, I will add energy clearing to your session as you lie on the table while the magnets are in place.

If you come for energy healing, we’ll chat for a bit before you lie on the table so I can gather awareness of what your energy body is doing. Then, you relax while I go to work! Once we’re done, I’ll ask you to pay attention to any changes (subtle or not so subtle!) that occur in your life. Going forward, your individual circumstances would influence the frequency and pace of future visits. Maybe you just need a little support here and there. Maybe you need regular, structured attention during a major life event or if you're in the middle of some intense personal transition.

Whatever the case, we work with what the energy body shows it’s ready to release. Once we've begun working together, I often teach skills to help you understand and clear your own energy field between sessions - it makes for faster evolution and a real sense of ownership in the healing process. Becoming proficient in working with your own energy body is a worthwhile investment in yourself. Having a deeper relationship with yourself will allow for a more authentic life experience.

If you’re ready to clear some energy, contact me to book an appointment!


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