Serving the greater Boston, MA area

Ellen Donaldson

What is your training?

I am fully trained and certified in all levels of the Lyme Magnetic Protocol (with Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness) and am currently in the certification process to be an Embodied Energy System Practitioner (with Jill Leigh of the Energy Healing Institute) as part of my commitment to owning and embodying these important modalities. I have been using energy work in my own life since 2007 and have found it to be instrumental to my evolution.

I'm excited to integrate these modalities and share them with clients who are seeking an evolution in their own life experience. Before that, I worked in business management/administration and customer service for 25 years after graduating from Colby College with a B.A. in Anthropology.

I resonate very deeply with this work. And while no modality is a panacea or magic silver bullet, I believe in its efficacy.

My Philosophy

My intention is to hold space for my clients to step into their full potentiality and achieve a return to balance through an evolution of their energy. I hold this intention whether I'm using magnets to treat the physical body, or clearing energy from the chakras and aura - or both! I hold the flashlight to help illuminate where you stand at any given moment, and then YOU make the decisions about which direction, how fast and how far you want to go. I’m there as a facilitator to your process. You’re there to take responsibility for and galvanize yourself in your own healing process, making choices along the way that support your physical and emotional body.

​I also work to embody self-containment, self-awareness, and self-responsibility and bring these principles to my interactions and experiences. This helps me maintain my boundaries, but it also means I'm always doing my own work. Self-care is a critical component for any healing practitioner. How can I work in a healing profession if I’m not bringing my best self to my practice? As the airline safety talk says before your flight departs, I believe in putting on my own oxygen mask before helping others.

I resonate very deeply with this work. And while no modality is a panacea or magic silver bullet, I believe in its efficacy. If what I present here resonates with you, I’m delighted to have you come for an appointment. I look forward to meeting you.